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How to Order Contact Lenses Online

How to Order Contacts Online

You did it! Your visit to the eye doctor was a success, you got your contact lens prescription, and you learned how to insert and remove them. You’re ready to order, but the prices at your doctor’s office and arrival times are outrageous! No problem, you think. I’ll order them online! ButÔÇŽ How? Where? Who? Well, no fear, because here’s a guide to ordering your contact lens online. Bonus–you’ll likely have them the next day (about 4-5 days before your doctor could get them and at a fraction of the price!). Let’s take a look.

Know your prescription. Contact lens prescriptions are different than glasses — they’re much more precise, and deviation is not allowed per federal government rules and regulations. So, be sure you know what your prescription is to avoid questions and hassles. Want to know what all is on a CL prescription and how to read it? Click here for a quick tutorial How to Read Your Contact Lens Prescription.

Your contact lens prescription is going to look different from your glasses prescription. The powers will likely be different too since contacts sit directly on the eye while glasses are several millimeters from the eye. When you request your prescription from your eye doctor, be sure to specify contact lens and glasses prescriptions so you can be sure you get the proper prescription. 

Before you attempt to order your lenses online, take a look at your prescription and make sure it has the following information. Each item is required to order contacts.


Contact Name

Base Curve



Axis & Sphere (if Toric for Astigmatism)

Add Power (if Multifocal)

Patient Name

Exam/Prescription Date**

Find a reputable website, such as NextDayContacts.com, and begin by finding your brand and type of contacts (Acuvue Moist, Freshlook Dimensions, Bausch + Lomb Ultra for Astigmatism). Select the number of boxes per eye you wish to order (be sure to watch for any sales or rebates if you purchase more boxes). 

Carefully enter the powers, base curve, diameter, and any other pertinent information on your prescription. If your prescription is missing any info required, it’s possible you have deviated from your prescription or your prescription is incorrect. Always reach out to the site’s customer service number for clarification, but remember they can’t change your prescription either! 

Then, either upload a photo of your prescription (preferred and assures quicker shipment) or enter your doctor’s contact info for prescription verification. Choose your shipping method and enter your payment information.

Now what? Nothing. Sit back and chill — your contacts are being processed and will be on their way to you soon! With NextDayContacts.com, any order placed before 3 CST Monday-Friday is shipped the same day for next-day delivery! Orders placed after 3 CST on Friday will arrive on Monday, and orders placed on the weekend will arrive on Tuesday. Delays in doctors’ office verifications, holidays, and weather can affect these guidelines.

*You cannot switch brands of contacts without a new prescription from your doctor. As mentioned before, contact lens prescriptions allow for little to no deviation, and brand is one of those prohibited deviations. If you want to try a specific brand or type, be sure to talk to you doctor about it at your visit.

**Your contact lens prescription is only good for one year. You can order up to a one-year’s supply of contacts, which is the best plan if you know you like the contacts. Then, you’re set for the whole year.
Don’t have your contact lens prescription? Click here to find out how to get that from your doctor’s office.

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